question [-s] n

OFr < L. quærěre, ask, inquire.

  1. Quest; purpose; mission; [fig.] missile; epistle; message; poem; verse; [fig.] request; petition; prayer; [metaphor] dove; bird sent by Noah from the ark to discover the existence of dry land (see Genesis 8:8-12).
  2. Inquiry; query; search for knowledge; act of asking.
  3. Curiosity; inquisitiveness; desire to know an answer.
  4. Debate; problem.
  5. Doubt; uncertainty; misgiving; reservation.
  6. Subject; issue; topic; point of discussion.

question [-ed, -s] v

OFr questionner, see question, n.

  1. Doubt; challenge.
  2. Interrogate.
  3. Ask; query; inquire; wonder; ponder; desire to know; seek knowledge.
  4. Phrase. “Question to”: wonder about; puzzle over.