quiet [-er] adj

OFr quiete or L. quiētus < quiēscěre, come to rest.

  1. Motionless; still; unmoving; [fig.] lifeless; deceased; dead.
  2. Soundless; silent; noiseless; mute; speechless.
  3. Calm; serene; peaceful; tranquil; placid; undisturbed; unruffled; [fig.] dignified; unpretentious.
  4. Ordinary; usual; small; insignificant; unimportant; innocuous; harmless; benign.

quiet [-ly] adv

see quiet, adj.

  1. Innocently; modestly; guilelessly; artlessly.
  2. Unpretentiously; unnoticed; unobtrusively; surreptitiously; furtively; secretly; stealthily; without drawing attention to itself.
  3. Soundlessly; silently; softly; imperceptibly.
  4. Carefully; reverently; respectfully.

quiet n

see quiet, adj.

  1. Silence; period of soundlessness; absence of noise.
  2. Peacefulness; calm; serenity; tranquility.