I [I'd, I'll, I'm, I've] pron

OE ic.; first-person singular nominative personal pronoun referring to the speaker; see me, mine, my, myself.

  1. [Refers to a speaker who feels imprisoned.]
  2. [Refers to a bird that named in the text.]
  3. [Refers to speaker displaying the traits of a blacksmith.]
  4. [Refers to a soldier in a battle, or a contender in a war of words; (see 16 Oct 1859, John Brown at Harper's Ferry).]
  5. [Refers to a flower named in the text.]
  6. [Refers to a boy child or a girl child.]
  7. [Refers to a female spouse.]
  8. [Refers to a speaker described as intoxicated by nature.]
  9. [Specific language suggesting Dickinson herself.]
  10. [Refers to a female taking vows or making a covenant.]
  11. [Refers to a speaker of enormous power and authority, such as a Queen, poet, artist or unspecified monarch.]
  12. [Refers to a gender-neutral observer not named in the text.]
  13. [Refers to a speaker who reflects on the future.]
  14. [Refers to midnight personified; refers to the sunrise as majesty personified.]
  15. [Refers to a girl.]
  16. [Refers to a direct quotation spoken by Jesus Christ.]
  17. [Refers to a speaker from the grave or beyond.]
  18. [Refers to a speaker who is royal or upper class.]
  19. [Refers to a female considering marriage.]
  20. [Refers to a carpenter.]
  21. [Refers to a disciple or follower; (literary) refers to “Little John” in the Robin Hood story; (Biblical) refers to John the Beloved or John the Baptist.]
  22. [Refers to a gender-neutral child not named in the text.]
  23. [Refers to a female observer not named in the text.]
  24. [Refers to a three aspects of selfhood in the speaker.]
  25. [Refers to a speaker pondering mortality.]
  26. [Refers to a speaker as male and female.]
  27. [Refers to a person addressing a mountain colored by a sunset or a sunrise.]
  28. [Refers to a loaded gun personified as speaking to its owner.]
  29. [Refers to love personified.]
  30. [Refers to a speaker pondering the next life.]
  31. [Refers to a lost speaker.]
  32. [Refers to the human spirit personified.]
  33. [Refers to a male observer not named in the text.]
  34. [Refers to a person uttering a syllable of faith that saves from despair.]
  35. [Refers to a fly personified.]
  36. [Refers to an aspect of nature, such as the wind or a rain storm.]
  37. [Refers to Thermopylae personified.]
  38. [Refers to a speaker who is volatile or one who lives near a volcano.]