immortal adj


  1. Famous; illustrious; notable; courageous.
  2. Potentially divine; created in the image of God.
  3. Enduring; abiding; everlasting; imperishable; perpetual.
  4. Otherworldly; transcendental; pertaining to paradise; [fig.] beatific; angelic.
  5. Timeless; ageless; universal; sweeping; all-embracing.
  6. Deceased; past mortality; alive in heaven.
  7. Eternal; heavenly; paradisiacal; not subject to death, infirmity, and dissolution.
  8. Divine; omniscient; omnipotent; [fig.] written by God; (1 Timothy 1:17).
  9. Phrase. “immortal wine”: holy drink symbolic of Christ's atoning blood; [kenning] nectar; drink that enables one to live forever; (see Genesis 14:18).
  10. Phrase. “immortal youth”: agelessness; permanent childhood due to premature death.

immortal n

see immortal, adj.

  1. Everlasting being; imperishable person; one not subject to death; [fig.] angel; holy apostle; divinely-appointed messenger.
  2. The adjective “immortal”; [fig.] the irrefutable concept of immortality, eternity, and everlasting life.