imperial adj

OFr imperial < L. imperialis.

  1. Royal; aristocratic; majestic; [fig.] clothed in purple.
  2. Best; superior; greatest; supreme; magnificent; most grand; especially excellent; exceedingly fine; befitting an emperor.
  3. Masterful; commanding; imperious; overwhelming.
  4. Bold; skillful; powerful; effective; vigorous; forceful; [fig.] unavoidable; inescapable; undeniable; hard-hitting.
  5. High; lofty; exalted; triumphant; victorious; mighty; [fig.] heavenly; celestial; visible in the sky above.
  6. Heroic; noble; awe-inspiring.
  7. Select; elect; chosen; [fig.] rare; exceptional; extraordinary.

imperial adv

see imperial, adj.

  1. Sovereignly; impressively; omnipotently; overbearingly; imposingly; boldly; augustly; with royal authority; in a powerfully manner.