impotent adj

Fr. < L. impotentem.

  1. Inactive; passive; imperturbable; not affected; at peace; [fig.] not publishing; not actively seeking fame as a poet.
  2. Impossible; futile; not feasible; not achievable; out of the question; [fig.] arduous; extremely difficult.
  3. Unable; incapable; lacking power; not being able; without the ability; [fig.] indisposed; not inclined; not in a position.
  4. Weak; feeble; ineffectual.
  5. Meaningless; insignificant; not interesting.
  6. Phrase. “impotent to end”: unstoppable; impossible to cause to desist; [the “Being” is not “impotent”; rather, it is not possible for anyone to “end” what the “Being … has begun.”]

impotent adv

see impotent, adj.

  1. Meaninglessly; insignificantly; [fig.] uselessly; futilely; pointlessly; without being able to shed warmth and light.