industry [industries] n

Fr. < L. 'diligence'.

  1. Activity; action; work; [fig.] purpose; aim; reason for living.
  2. Labor; farm chores; field work; [fig.] sweat; perspiration; work clothes.
  3. Growth; development; steady productivity; [fig.] blossoming; photosynthesis; [metaphor] vitality; life force.
  4. Task; toil; drudgery; travail; housework; [fig.] duty; responsibility; service; undertaking.
  5. Enterprise; endeavor.
  6. Habitual business; daily employment; weekday attention to work (perhaps in contrast to rest on the Sabbath Day).
  7. Business; manufacturing; cooperative work; collective labor; [fig.] effort; exertion; diligence.
  8. Craft; handiwork; [fig.] artistry; painting; fine art; [metaphor] change of season; natural process that colors the autumn leaves.