infinity n

Fr. infinité < L. infīnītās, endlessness, boundlessness, infinity.

  1. Extent; endlessness; unlimited time; [fig.] Deity; immortality; eternal nature.
  2. Immensity of existence.
  3. Boundlessness; limitlessness; agelessness; timeless nature; endless expanse of time, space, and domain.
  4. Complete fulfillment; total consummation.
  5. Eternity; paradise; nirvana; Elysium; eternal life.
  6. Incomprehensible identity; [fig.] total holiness; sacred anonymity; divine namelessness.
  7. Truth; everything; endless light, love, and joy; all good things that are, have been, and will be.
  8. Phrase. “Finite infinity”: life; compound of mortal and immortal existence.