near [-er, -est] adj

see near, adv.

  1. Close in distance.
  2. Immediate; significant; essential; important; [fig.] dear to the heart.
  3. Close in family relation.
  4. Next; subsequent.
  5. Recent; close in time.
  6. Next door; [fig.] intimate; emotionally close; similar in spirit.

near [-er] adv


  1. Close in space.
  2. Almost; just about.
  3. Close in time.
  4. Close in distance.
  5. Present; around; in proximity; close in presence.
  6. Close in amount.
  7. Intense; extreme.
  8. Real; actual; close to happening.
  9. Loud; close in sound; high in volume.
  10. Familiar; close by; [fig.] well-known.
  11. Full; complete; perfect; better.
  12. Phrase. “As near as”: like; similar to; as much as.