nectar [-s] n

L. < Gk. sweet fluid, drink of the gods, liquid that conquers death.

  1. Victory cup; celebration drink; triumph toast for saluting a supreme accomplishment; [fig.] resurrection; immortality; godly life; life after death.
  2. Dew; attar; ambrosia; source of pollen; gathering of sweet substance; sweet fluid that flowers produce; [fig.] kiss; capacity for pleasure; source of affection; opportunity for love's delights.
  3. Honey; food made from pollen; [fig.] wine; sweet drink; pleasant-tasting fluid; [metaphor] heavenly messenger; angel of death; [word play on “dead” and the etymology of “Nectar”] life; salvation; the plan of the Deathless One; the ironic intervention of He who overcomes death.
  4. Pleasure; delight; sweetness; [fig.] productive interchange; good experience; mutual bliss; romantic encounter; acts of love.