rest n

OE ræst.

  1. Relaxation; repose; rejuvenation; cessation of activity.
  2. Stillness; calm; quiet; tranquility; peace of mind.
  3. Death; the repose of the grave.
  4. Phrase. “At rest”: Calm; peaceful; without motion; staying still.
  5. Phrase. “At rest”: Motionless in death.
  6. Phrase. “Put to rest”: Pacify; make calm; make still.

rest n

Fr. reste.

  1. Others; members of a particular group who are different.
  2. Other similar or lesser things not mentioned.
  3. Remainder; balance; part that is left to be gone through.
  4. Other parts; remainder; balance.

rest [-ed, -ing, -s] v

OE restan.

  1. To give relief.1410 it would rest my heart / But it would ravage theirs
  2. To cease from action.
  3. To be tranquil.
  4. To be supported by something.