return n

see return, v.

  1. Coming back to a state of honor or respect.
  2. Renovation; restoration; physical renewal; [fig.] resurrection; coming back to life.

return [-ed, -ing, -s] v

OFr < L. tornāre, turn on a lathe.

  1. Come back; reappear after a separation; [fig.] live again; rise in the resurrection.
  2. Reappear; appear again after an absence; [fig.] bring an answer.
  3. Revisit; leave and then come back.
  4. Revolve; begin again; happen another time; repeat a turn; make another circuit; complete another cycle.
  5. Come again soon; reappear at a predictable time.
  6. Fly back; go to a former location.
  7. Reciprocate; retaliate; answer; respond with.
  8. Give back; pay again.