revelation [-s, -'s] n

OFr revelaciun or L. < revlāre, to unveil, reveal.

  1. Light; sight; vision; illumination; [fig.] reality; recognition; new knowledge.
  2. Enlightenment; spiritual insight; divine manifestation.
  3. Display; unfurling; [fig.] presentation of color and shape.
  4. Disclosure; unveiling; uncovering; [fig.] prophecy; declaration of truth.
  5. Deity; the presence of God; [fig.] poetry; creative inspiration.
  6. Vision; epiphany; true portrayal; complete understanding.
  7. Wisdom; holiness; spiritual knowledge; religious truth.
  8. Scripture; divine will; word of God; message written by the hand of the Lord (see Daniel 5:5).