reverse n

see reverse, v.

  1. Misfortune; deprivation; [fig.] trouble; trial; affliction; difficulty.
  2. Crisis; financial loss; sudden economic downturn; rapid turn from favorable to unfavorable circumstances.
  3. Sorrow; grief; depression.
  4. Opposite; contrary; antithesis.
  5. Downfall; failure; loss of reputation; [fig.] death; tragic end.

reverse [-d, -s] v

Fr. < L. re- + versāre < vertěre, to turn.

  1. Invert; turn upside down; switch the position of.
  2. Convolute; disorder; disturb; upset; make unnatural; go against the order of.
  3. Overcome; resolve; overthrow; [fig.] master; conquer; defeat; vanquish; [word play on “re-versed”] edit; rewrite; revise; write again in verse; convert into poetry.
  4. Stop; cease; quit; halt; discontinue; refrain from.
  5. Send another way; cause to move in the opposite direction.
  6. Transform; transfigure; translate; change the timing of.
  7. Reveal; uncover; unveil; show the other side of.
  8. See from the other side.