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Her sovreign people1865Susan DickinsonTest893A+
Had I known that the first was the lastFranklin Variorum 1998F1753A+
Had I known that the first was the lastJohnson Poems 1955J1720+
Had I not seen the sun1872Franklin Variorum 1998F1249A+
Had I not seen the Sun1872Johnson Poems 1955J1233+
Had I not this or this I said1864Franklin Variorum 1998F828A+
Had I not This, or This, I said,1864Johnson Poems 1955J904+
Had I presumed to hope1863Franklin Variorum 1998F634A+
Had I presumed to hope --1862Johnson Poems 1955J522+
Had this one day not been1873Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1281A+
Had this one Day not been,1873Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1253+
Had we known the ton she bore1870Franklin Variorum 1998F1185A+
Had we known the Ton she bore1868Johnson Poems 1955J1124+
Had we our senses1873Franklin Variorum 1998F1310A+
Had we our senses1873Johnson Poems 1955J1284+
Have any like myself1863Franklin Variorum 1998F723A+
Have any like Myself1863Johnson Poems 1955J736+
Have you got a brook in your little heart1859Franklin Variorum 1998F94A+
Have you got a brook in your little heart,Poems 1890P90-35+
Have you got a Brook in your little heart,1859Johnson Poems 1955J136+
Heart not so heavy as mine1859Catherine Scott Turner AnthonFranklin Variorum 1998F88A+
Heart not so heavy as mine1859Mary BowlesFranklin Variorum 1998F88B+
Heart not so heavy as mine1859Franklin Variorum 1998F88C+
Heart not so heavy as mine,Poems 1891P91-46+
Heart, not so heavy as mine1859Catherine Scott Turner AnthonJohnson Poems 1955J83+
Heart, we will forget him!Poems 1896P96-68+
Heart! We will forget him!1859Franklin Variorum 1998F64A+
Heart! We will forget him!1858Johnson Poems 1955J47+
He ate and drank the precious words1882Franklin Variorum 1998F1593A+
He ate and drank the precious Words --1883Johnson Poems 1955J1587+
Heaven is so far of the mind1862Franklin Variorum 1998F413A+
Heaven is so far of the Mind1862Johnson Poems 1955J370+
He forgot -- and I -- remembered --1860Johnson Poems 1955J203+
He forgot and I remembered1861Franklin Variorum 1998F232A+
He fought like those who've nought to lose1862Franklin Variorum 1998F480A+
He fought like those Who've nought to lose --1863Johnson Poems 1955J759+
He found my being - set it up1863Franklin Variorum 1998F511A+
He found my Being -- set it up --1862Johnson Poems 1955J603+
He fumbles at your soul1862Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F477A+
He fumbles at your soul1862Franklin Variorum 1998F477B+
He fumbles at your Soul1862Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J315+
He gave away his life1863Franklin Variorum 1998F530A+
He gave away his Life --1862Johnson Poems 1955J567+
He is alive this morning1870Samuel BowlesFranklin Variorum 1998F1173A+
He is alive, this morning --1870Samual Bowler and Mary BowlesJohnson Poems 1955J1160+
He laid his docile crescent down1877Elizabeth HollandFranklin Variorum 1998F1453B+
He lived the life of ambush1882Franklin Variorum 1998F1571A+
He lived the life of ambush1882Samuel Bowles--youngerFranklin Variorum 1998F1571C+
He lived the Life of Ambush1881Johnson Poems 1955J1525+
He outstripped time with but a bout1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1111A+
He outstripped Time with but a Bout,1864Johnson Poems 1955J865+
He parts himself like leaves1863Franklin Variorum 1998F655A+
He parts Himself -- like Leaves --1862Johnson Poems 1955J517+
He preached about breadth till we knew he was narrow1872Franklin Variorum 1998F1266A+
He preached opon "breadth" till it argued him narrow1872T. W. HigginsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1266B+
He preached upon "Breadth" till it argued him narrow --1872T. W. HigginsonJohnson Poems 1955J1207+
He put the belt around my life1862Franklin Variorum 1998F330A+
He put the belt around my life,Poems 1891P91-71+
He put the Belt around my life --1861Johnson Poems 1955J273+
Her breast is fit for pearls1859Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F121A+
Her breast is fit for pearls1859Franklin Variorum 1998F121B+
Her breast is fit for pearls,1859Samual Bowler and Mary BowlesJohnson Poems 1955J84+
Herein a blossom lies1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1073A+
Herein a Blossom lies --1864Johnson Poems 1955J899+
Here where the daisies fit my head1865Franklin Variorum 1998F985A+
Here, where the Daisies fit my Head1865Johnson Poems 1955J1037+
Her face was in a bed of hairFranklin Variorum 1998F1755A+
Her face was in a bed of hair,Johnson Poems 1955J1722+
Her final summer was it1864Franklin Variorum 1998F847A+
Her final Summer was it --1863Johnson Poems 1955J795+
Her grace is all she has1865Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F956A+
Her grace is all she has1865Franklin Variorum 1998F956B+
Her Grace is all she has --1864Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J810+
Her -- "last Poems" --1862Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J312+
Her "last Poems"1863Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F600A+
Her "last Poems"1863Franklin Variorum 1998F600B+
Her "last Poems"1863Franklin Variorum 1998F600C+
Her little parasol to lift1865Franklin Variorum 1998F987A+
Her little Parasol to lift1865Johnson Poems 1955J1038+
Her losses make our gains ashamed1883Franklin Variorum 1998F1602A+
Her losses make our gains ashamed1883Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1602C+
Her Losses make our Gains ashamed --1883Thomas NilesJohnson Poems 1955J1562+
Her smile was shaped like other smiles1862Franklin Variorum 1998F335A+
Her smile was shaped like other smiles --1862Johnson Poems 1955J514+
Her sovreign people1865Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F893A+
Her sovreign People1869Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1139+
Her spirit rose to such a hight1880Franklin Variorum 1998F1527A+
Her spirit rose to such a hight1880Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1527B+
Her spirit rose to such a hight1880Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1486+
Her sweet turn to leave the homestead1863Franklin Variorum 1998F759A+
Her Sweet turn to leave the Homestead1862Johnson Poems 1955J649+
Her sweet weight on my heart a night1863Franklin Variorum 1998F611A+
Her sweet Weight on my Heart a Night1862Johnson Poems 1955J518+
He scanned it - staggered1865Franklin Variorum 1998F994A+
He scanned it -- staggered --1865Johnson Poems 1955J1062+
He showed me hights I never saw1862Franklin Variorum 1998F346B+
He strained my faith1862Franklin Variorum 1998F366A+
He strained my faith --1862Johnson Poems 1955J497+
He told a homely tale1862Franklin Variorum 1998F486A+
He told a homely tale1863Johnson Poems 1955J763+
He touched me, so I live to knowPoems 1896P96-73+
He touched me, so I live to know1862Franklin Variorum 1998F349A+
He touched me, so I live to know1862Johnson Poems 1955J506+
He was my host - he was my guestFranklin Variorum 1998F1754A+
He was my host -- he was my guest,Johnson Poems 1955J1721+
He was weak, and I was strong -- then --1860Johnson Poems 1955J190+
He was weak, and I was strong then1861Franklin Variorum 1998F221A+
He went by sleep that drowsy routeFranklin Variorum 1998F1711A+
He went by sleep that drowsy routeJohnson Poems 1955J1662+
He who in himself believes1864Franklin Variorum 1998F835A+
He who in Himself believes --1864Johnson Poems 1955J969+
High from the earth I heard a birdFranklin Variorum 1998F1778A+
High from the earth I heard a bird;Poems 1896P96-89+
High from the earth I heard a bird;Johnson Poems 1955J1723+
His bill an augur is1865Franklin Variorum 1998F990A+
His Bill an Augur is1865Johnson Poems 1955J1034+
His bill is clasped - his eye forsook1866Franklin Variorum 1998F1126A+
His Bill is clasped -- his Eye forsook --1866Johnson Poems 1955J1102+
His bill is locked, his eye estranged1866Louise and Frances NorcrossFranklin Variorum 1998F1126B+
His cheek is his biographer1879Edward (Ned) DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1499A+
His Cheek is his Biographer --1879Edward (Ned) DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1460+
His feet are shod with gauze1865Franklin Variorum 1998F979A+
His Feet are shod with Gauze --1864Johnson Poems 1955J916+
His heart was darker than the starless night1876Franklin Variorum 1998F1402A+
His Heart was darker than the starless night1876Johnson Poems 1955J1378+
His little hearse like figure1881Franklin Variorum 1998F1547A+
His little hearse like figure1881Thomas Gilbert (Gib) DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1547B+
His little Hearse like Figure1881Thomas Gilbert (Gib) DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1522+
His losses made our gains ashamed1883Thomas NilesFranklin Variorum 1998F1602B+
His mansion in the pool1875Franklin Variorum 1998F1355A+
His Mansion in the Pool1876Johnson Poems 1955J1379+
His mind like fabrics of the east1878Franklin Variorum 1998F1471A+
His Mind like Fabrics of the East1878Johnson Poems 1955J1446+
His mind of man a secret makesFranklin Variorum 1998F1730A+
His mind of man, a secret makesJohnson Poems 1955J1663+
His oriental heresies1881Franklin Variorum 1998F1562A+
His oriental heresies1881Franklin Variorum 1998F1562B+
His oriental heresies1881Johnson Poems 1955J1526+
His voice decrepit was with joy1879Franklin Variorum 1998F1508A+
His voice decrepit was with Joy --1879Johnson Poems 1955J1476+
HOPEPoems 1896P96-3+
HOPEPoems 1891P91-6+
Hope is a strange invention1877Franklin Variorum 1998F1424A+
Hope is a strange invention1877Mary Channing HigginsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1424B+
Hope is a strange invention --1877T. W. HigginsonJohnson Poems 1955J1392+
Hope is a subtle glutton1879Franklin Variorum 1998F1493A+
Hope is a subtle Glutton --1882Johnson Poems 1955J1547+
How brittle are the piers1878Maria WhitneyFranklin Variorum 1998F1459B+
How brittle are the Piers1878T. W. HigginsonJohnson Poems 1955J1433+
How dare the robins singFranklin Variorum 1998F1782A+
How dare the robins sing,Poems 1896P96-118+
How dare the robins sing,Johnson Poems 1955J1724+
How destitute is he1879Franklin Variorum 1998F1509A+
How destitute is he1879Franklin Variorum 1998F1509B+
How destitute is he1879Johnson Poems 1955J1477+
How far is it to heaven?1865Franklin Variorum 1998F965A+
How far is it to Heaven?1864Johnson Poems 1955J929+
How firm eternity must look1876Franklin Variorum 1998F1397A+
How firm Eternity must look1880Johnson Poems 1955J1499+
How fits his umber coat1876Franklin Variorum 1998F1414A+
How fits his Umber Coat1876Johnson Poems 1955J1371+
How fleet - how indiscreet an one1881[Otis Phillips Lord]Franklin Variorum 1998F1557A+
How fleet -- how indiscreet an one --1881Otis Phillips LordJohnson Poems 1955J1771+
How fortunate the grave1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1079A+
How fortunate the Grave --1864Johnson Poems 1955J897+
How good his lava bed1878Franklin Variorum 1998F1472A+
How good his Lava Bed,1878Johnson Poems 1955J1447+
How happy is the little stone1882Franklin Variorum 1998F1570A+
How happy is the little stone1882Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1570B+
How happy is the little stone1882Louise and Frances NorcrossFranklin Variorum 1998F1570C+
How happy is the little stone1882Thomas NilesFranklin Variorum 1998F1570E+
How happy is the little stone1882T. W. HigginsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1570F+
How happy is the little Stone1882Thomas NilesJohnson Poems 1955J1510+
How happy I was if I could forget1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1080A+
How happy I was if I could forget1864Johnson Poems 1955J898+
How human nature dotes1877Franklin Variorum 1998F1440A+
How Human Nature dotes1877Johnson Poems 1955J1417+
How know it from a summer's day?1876Mary Channing HigginsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1412A+
How know it from a Summer's Day?1876T. W. HigginsonJohnson Poems 1955J1364+
How lonesome the wind must feel nights1877Franklin Variorum 1998F1441B+
How lonesome the Wind must feel Nights --1877Johnson Poems 1955J1418+
How many flowers fail in the wood1863Louise and Frances NorcrossFranklin Variorum 1998F534A+
How many flowers fail in wood1863Franklin Variorum 1998F534B+
How many Flowers fail in Wood --1862Johnson Poems 1955J404+
How many schemes may die1874Franklin Variorum 1998F1326A+
How many schemes may die1869Johnson Poems 1955J1150+
How many times these low feet staggered1861Franklin Variorum 1998F238A+
How many times these low feet staggered --1860Johnson Poems 1955J187+
How much of source escapes with thee1881Elizabeth HollandFranklin Variorum 1998F1567A+
How much of Source escapes with thee --1881Josiah Holland and Elizabeth HollandJohnson Poems 1955J1517+
How much the present moment means1877Franklin Variorum 1998F1420A+
How much the present moment means1876Johnson Poems 1955J1380+
How news must feel when travelling1875Franklin Variorum 1998F1379A+
How News must feel when travelling1874Johnson Poems 1955J1319+
How noteless men and Pleiads stand1862Franklin Variorum 1998F342A+
How noteless Men, and Pleiads, stand,1861Johnson Poems 1955J282+
How ruthless are the gentle1878Franklin Variorum 1998F1465A+
How ruthless are the gentle --1878Johnson Poems 1955J1439+
How sick -- to wait -- in any place -- but thine --1862Johnson Poems 1955J368+
How sick to wait in any place but thine1862Franklin Variorum 1998F410A+
How slow the Wind --1883Sarah TuckermanJohnson Poems 1955J1571+
How slow the wind - how slow the sea1883Sarah TuckermanFranklin Variorum 1998F1607A+
How soft a caterpillar steps1880Franklin Variorum 1998F1523A+
How soft a Caterpillar steps --1878Johnson Poems 1955J1448+
How soft his prison is1875Elizabeth HollandFranklin Variorum 1998F1352B+
How soft this prison is1875Franklin Variorum 1998F1352A+
How soft this Prison is1875Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1334+
How spacious the wind must feel morns1877Franklin Variorum 1998F1441A+
How still the bells in steeples stand1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1008A+
How still the bells in steeples stand,Poems 1896P96-10+
How still the Bells in Steeples stand1865Johnson Poems 1955J1008+
How the old mountains drip with sunset1862Franklin Variorum 1998F327A+
How the old Mountains drip with Sunset1861Johnson Poems 1955J291+
How the waters closed above him1865Franklin Variorum 1998F941A+
How the Waters closed above Him1864Johnson Poems 1955J923+
How well I knew her not1864Maria WhitneyFranklin Variorum 1998F813A+
How well I knew her not1864Franklin Variorum 1998F813B+
How well I knew Her not1864Johnson Poems 1955J837+
HUNGERPoems 1891P91-50+