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Least Bee that brew1863Susan DickinsonNature PoemsRC4+
Long years apart can make no1876Poems on Old AddressesPOA1405A+
Lad of Athens, faithful be1883Franklin Variorum 1998F1606A+
Lad of Athens, faithful be1883[Samuel Bowles--younger]Franklin Variorum 1998F1606B+
Lad of Athens, faithful be1883Johnson Poems 1955J1768+
Lain in nature so suffice us1873Franklin Variorum 1998F1309A+
Lain in Nature -- so suffice us1873Johnson Poems 1955J1288+
Lay this laurel on the onePoems 1891P91-166+
Lay this laurel on the one1877Franklin Variorum 1998F1428A+
Lay this laurel on the one1877Franklin Variorum 1998F1428B+
Lay this laurel on the one1877T. W. HigginsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1428C+
Lay this Laurel on the One1877T. W. HigginsonJohnson Poems 1955J1393+
Least Bee that brew --1863Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J676+
Least bee that brew a honey's weight1864Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F878A+
Least bee that brew a honey's weight1864Franklin Variorum 1998F878B+
Least rivers docile to some sea1861Franklin Variorum 1998F206A+
Least Rivers -- docile to some sea.1860Johnson Poems 1955J212+
Left in immortal youth1873Franklin Variorum 1998F1289A+
Left in immortal Youth1873Johnson Poems 1955J1289+
Lest any doubt that we are glad that they were born today1870Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1191A+
Lest any doubt that we are glad that they were born Today1870Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1156+
Lest they should come -- is all my fear1870Johnson Poems 1955J1169+
Lest they should come is all my fear1871Franklin Variorum 1998F1204A+
Lest this be heaven indeed1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1000A+
Lest this be Heaven indeed1865Johnson Poems 1955J1043+
Let down the bars, O Death!Poems 1891P91-125+
Let down the bars, oh death1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1117A+
Let down the Bars, Oh Death --1865Johnson Poems 1955J1065+
Let me not mar that perfect dream1875Franklin Variorum 1998F1361A+
Let me not mar that perfect dream1875Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1361B+
Let me not mar that perfect Dream1875Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1335+
Let me not thirst with this Hock at my Lip,1881Otis Phillips LordJohnson Poems 1955J1772+
Let my first knowing be of thee1872Franklin Variorum 1998F1254A+
Let my first Knowing be of thee1878Johnson Poems 1955J1218+
Let others show this Surry's grace1862Samuel BowlesFranklin Variorum 1998F290A+
Let us play yesterday1863Franklin Variorum 1998F754A+
Let Us play Yesterday --1863Johnson Poems 1955J728+
Life and death and giants1863Franklin Variorum 1998F777A+
Life, and Death, and GiantsPoems 1896P96-39+
Life, and Death, and Giants --1863Johnson Poems 1955J706+
Life is death we're lengthy at1863Louise and Frances NorcrossFranklin Variorum 1998F502A+
Life -- is what we make it --1863Johnson Poems 1955J698+
Life is what we make it1863Franklin Variorum 1998F727A+
LIFE'S TRADESPoems 1896P96-8+
Lift it - with the feathers1875Franklin Variorum 1998F1362A+
Lift it -- with the Feathers1875Johnson Poems 1955J1348+
Light is sufficient to itself1863Franklin Variorum 1998F506A+
Light is sufficient to itself1863Franklin Variorum 1998F506B+
Light is sufficient to itself --1864Johnson Poems 1955J862+
Lightly stepped a yellow starFranklin Variorum 1998F1698A+
Lightly stepped a yellow starJohnson Poems 1955J1672+
Like brooms of steel1872Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1241A+
Like Brooms of Steel1873Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1252+
Like eyes that looked on wastes1863Franklin Variorum 1998F693A+
Like Eyes that looked on Wastes --1862Johnson Poems 1955J458+
Like flowers that heard the news of dews1862Franklin Variorum 1998F361A+
Like Flowers, that heard the news of Dews,1862Johnson Poems 1955J513+
Like her the saints retire1860Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F150A+
Like her the saints retire1860Franklin Variorum 1998F150B+
Like her the Saints retire,1859Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J60+
Like men and women shadows walk1865Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F964A+
Like men and women shadows walk1865Franklin Variorum 1998F964B+
Like Men and Women Shadows walk1867Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1105+
Like mighty foot lights burned the red1863Franklin Variorum 1998F507A+
Like mighty footlights burned the redPoems 1891P91-114+
Like Mighty Foot Lights -- burned the Red1862Johnson Poems 1955J595+
Like rain it sounded till it curved1872Franklin Variorum 1998F1245A+
Like Rain it sounded till it curved1872Johnson Poems 1955J1235+
Like some old fashioned miracle1862Franklin Variorum 1998F408A+
Like some old fashioned miracle1862Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F408B+
Like Some Old fashioned Miracle1862Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J302+
Like time's insidious wrinkle1872Franklin Variorum 1998F1264A+
Like Time's insidious wrinkle1872Johnson Poems 1955J1236+
Like trains of cars on tracks of plush1871Franklin Variorum 1998F1213A+
Like Trains of Cars on Tracks of Plush1872Johnson Poems 1955J1224+
Lives he in any other world1882Franklin Variorum 1998F1587A+
Lives he in any other world1882Johnson Poems 1955J1557+
LONGINGPoems 1896P96-76+
Longing is like the seed1873T. W. HigginsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1298A+
Longing is like the seed1873Elizabeth HollandFranklin Variorum 1998F1298B+
Longing is like the seed1873Franklin Variorum 1998F1298C+
Longing is like the Seed1872T. W. HigginsonJohnson Poems 1955J1255+
Long years apart can make no1876Franklin Variorum 1998F1405A+
Long Years apart -- can make no1876Johnson Poems 1955J1383+
Look back on time with kindly eyes1872Franklin Variorum 1998F1251A+
Look back on time with kindly eyes,Poems 1890P90-83+
Look back on Time, with kindly eyes --1879Johnson Poems 1955J1478+
LOSTPoems 1890P90-111+
LOST FAITHPoems 1896P96-36+
LOST JOYPoems 1896P96-37+
LOVEPoems 1896P96-58+
Love can do all but raise the deadFranklin Variorum 1998F1758A+
Love can do all but raise the DeadJohnson Poems 1955J1731+
Love is anterior to life1865Franklin Variorum 1998F980A+
Love -- is anterior to Life --1864Johnson Poems 1955J917+
Love is done when love's begun1880Sarah TuckermanFranklin Variorum 1998F1526A+
Love is done when Love's begun,1880Sarah TuckermanJohnson Poems 1955J1485+
Love is that later thing than death1864Franklin Variorum 1998F840A+
Love -- is that later Thing than Death --1864Johnson Poems 1955J924+
Love reckons by itself -- alone --1864Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J826+
Love reckons by itself alone1864Franklin Variorum 1998F812A+
LOVE'S BAPTISMPoems 1890P90-40+
LOVE'S HUMILITYPoems 1896P96-57+
Love's stricken "why"1876Olive Gilbert StearnsFranklin Variorum 1998F1392A+
Love's stricken "why"1876Olive Gilbert StearnsJohnson Poems 1955J1368+
Love -- thou art high --1862Johnson Poems 1955J453+
Love thou art high1862Franklin Variorum 1998F452A+
Low at my problem bending1859Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F99A+
Low at my problem bending1859Franklin Variorum 1998F99B+
Low at my problem bending,1859Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J69+
LOYALTYPoems 1896P96-62+
Luck is not chance1875Franklin Variorum 1998F1360A+
Luck is not chance --1875Johnson Poems 1955J1350+