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First Line/Title Date Recipient Edition Number More
Reportless1876Test 21404A+
Rather arid delightFranklin Variorum 1998F1718A+
Rather arid delightJohnson Poems 1955J1679+
Read - Sweet - how others strove1862Franklin Variorum 1998F323A+
Read -- Sweet -- how others -- strove --1861Johnson Poems 1955J260+
REALPoems 1890P90-87+
REAL RICHESPoems 1896P96-1+
Rearrange a "wife's" affection!1861Franklin Variorum 1998F267A+
Rearrange a "Wife's" affection!Johnson Poems 1955J1737+
Recollect the face of me1873Franklin Variorum 1998F1306A+
Recollect the Face of me1874Johnson Poems 1955J1305+
REFUGEPoems 1890P90-91+
Rehearsal to ourselves1863Franklin Variorum 1998F664A+
Rehearsal to Ourselves1862Johnson Poems 1955J379+
REMEMBRANCEPoems 1896P96-41+
Remembrance has a rear and front1871Franklin Variorum 1998F1234A+
Remembrance has a rear and front1871Louise and Frances NorcrossFranklin Variorum 1998F1234B+
Remembrance has a rear and front1871Franklin Variorum 1998F1234C+
Remembrance has a rear and front1871T. W. HigginsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1234D+
Remembrance has a Rear and Front --1871T. W. HigginsonJohnson Poems 1955J1182+
REMORSEPoems 1891P91-43+
Remorse is memory awake1863Franklin Variorum 1998F781A+
Remorse -- is Memory -- awake --1863Johnson Poems 1955J744+
Removed from accident of loss1862Franklin Variorum 1998F417A+
Removed from Accident of Loss1862Johnson Poems 1955J424+
RENUNCIATIONPoems 1890P90-39+
Renunciation is a piercing virtue1863Franklin Variorum 1998F782A+
Renunciation -- is a piercing Virtue --1863Johnson Poems 1955J745+
Reportless subjects, to the quick1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1118A+
Reportless Subjects, to the Quick1865Johnson Poems 1955J1048+
REQUIEMPoems 1891P91-157+
Rests at night1862Franklin Variorum 1998F490A+
Rests at Night1863Johnson Poems 1955J714+
RESURGAMPoems 1890P90-104+
RESURRECTIONPoems 1890P90-41+
RETICENCEPoems 1896P96-24+
RETROSPECTPoems 1896P96-164+
RETURNINGPoems 1891P91-53+
Reverse cannot befall1863Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F565A+
Reverse cannot befall1863Franklin Variorum 1998F565B+
Reverse cannot befall1862Johnson Poems 1955J395+
Revolution is the pod1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1044A+
Revolution is the Pod1866Johnson Poems 1955J1082+
Ribbons of the year1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1065A+
Ribbons of the Year --1864Johnson Poems 1955J873+
Risk is the hair that holds the tun1872Franklin Variorum 1998F1253A+
Risk is the Hair that holds the Tun1872Johnson Poems 1955J1239+
Robbed by death but that was easy1864Franklin Variorum 1998F838A+
Robbed by Death -- but that was easy --1864Johnson Poems 1955J971+
ROUGE ET NOIRPoems 1890P90-3+
ROUGE GAGNEPoems 1890P90-4+