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Yesterday is history1873Franklin Variorum 1998F1290A+
Yesterday is History,1873Johnson Poems 1955J1292+
You cannot make remembrance grow1880Franklin Variorum 1998F1536A+
You cannot make Remembrance grow1880Johnson Poems 1955J1508+
You cannot put a fire out1863Franklin Variorum 1998F583A+
You cannot put a Fire out --1862Johnson Poems 1955J530+
You cannot take itself1875Franklin Variorum 1998F1359A+
You cannot take itself1875Johnson Poems 1955J1351+
You constituted time1862Franklin Variorum 1998F488A+
You constituted Time --1863Johnson Poems 1955J765+
You know that portrait in the moon1863Franklin Variorum 1998F676A+
You know that Portrait in the Moon --1862Johnson Poems 1955J504+
You left me - sire - two legacies1863Franklin Variorum 1998F713A+
You left me -- Sire -- two Legacies --1862Johnson Poems 1955J644+
You'll find -- it when you try to die --1862Johnson Poems 1955J610+
You'll find it when you try to die1862Franklin Variorum 1998F441A+
You'll know her by her foot1863Franklin Variorum 1998F604A+
You'll know Her -- by Her Foot --1862Johnson Poems 1955J634+
You'll know it as you know 'tis noon1862Franklin Variorum 1998F429A+
You'll know it -- as you know 'tis Noon --1862Johnson Poems 1955J420+
You love me - you are sure1861Franklin Variorum 1998F218A+
You love me -- you are sure --1860Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J156+
You love the Lord -- you cannot see --1862Johnson Poems 1955J487+
You love the Lord you cannot see1862Franklin Variorum 1998F474A+
You're right - "the way is narrow"1861Franklin Variorum 1998F249A+
You're right -- "the way is narrow" --1861Johnson Poems 1955J234+
Your riches taught me poverty1862Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F418A+
Your riches taught me poverty1862T. W. HigginsonFranklin Variorum 1998F418B+
Your riches taught me poverty1862Franklin Variorum 1998F418C+
Your riches taught me poverty.Poems 1891P91-60+
Your Riches -- taught me -- Poverty.1862T. W. HigginsonJohnson Poems 1955J299+
Your thoughts dont have words every day1878Franklin Variorum 1998F1476A+
Your thoughts dont have words every day1878Johnson Poems 1955J1452+
You said that I "was great" one day1863Franklin Variorum 1998F736A+
You said that I "was Great" -- one Day --1863Johnson Poems 1955J738+
You see I cannot see -- your lifetime --1861Johnson Poems 1955J253+
You see I cannot see your lifetime1862Franklin Variorum 1998F313A+
You taught me waiting with myself1863Franklin Variorum 1998F774A+
You taught me Waiting with Myself --1863Johnson Poems 1955J740+
You've seen balloons set - hav'nt you?1863Franklin Variorum 1998F730A+
You've seen Balloons set -- Hav'nt You?1863Johnson Poems 1955J700+