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morning might come1884Susan DickinsonARKINARKIN1658A+
Morning Might Come1884Susan Dickinsonarkin finalARK23+
Morning Might Come1884Susan DickinsonArkin IIIEA1658+
Morning Might Come1884Susan DickinsonARKIN nonblankA18911658A+
Morning Might Come1884Susan DickinsonARKINblankARKblk1658A+
Morning might come bsidearkin finalARK24+
Make me a picture of the sun1861Franklin Variorum 1998F239A+
Make me a picture of the sun --1860Johnson Poems 1955J188+
Mama never forgets her birds,1860Louise and Frances NorcrossJohnson Poems 1955J164+
Many a phrase has the English language1862Franklin Variorum 1998F333A+
Many a phrase has the English language --1861Johnson Poems 1955J276+
Many cross the Rhine1859Franklin Variorum 1998F107A+
Many cross the Rhine1859Johnson Poems 1955J123+
MARCHPoems 1896P96-83+
March is the month of expectation1877Franklin Variorum 1998F1422A+
March is the month of expectation1877Franklin Variorum 1998F1422B+
March is the month of expectation1877Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1422C+
March is the Month of Expectation.1877Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1404+
MAY-FLOWER.Poems 1890P90-46+
Me change! Me alter!1862Franklin Variorum 1998F281A+
Me, change! Me, alter!1861Johnson Poems 1955J268+
Me -- come! My dazzled face1862Johnson Poems 1955J431+
Me come! My dazzled face1862Franklin Variorum 1998F389A+
Me! Come! My dazzled facePoems 1896P96-132+
Meeting by accident1882Franklin Variorum 1998F1578A+
Meeting by Accident,1882Johnson Poems 1955J1548+
Me from myself to banish1863Franklin Variorum 1998F709A+
Me from Myself -- to banish --1862Johnson Poems 1955J642+
MEMORIALSPoems 1891P91-137+
Me prove it now - Whoever doubt1863Franklin Variorum 1998F631A+
Me prove it now -- Whoever doubt1862Johnson Poems 1955J537+
Midsummer was it when they died1864Louise and Frances NorcrossFranklin Variorum 1998F822A+
Midsummer was it when they died1864Franklin Variorum 1998F822B+
Midsummer, was it, when They died --1864Johnson Poems 1955J962+
MINEPoems 1890P90-27+
Mine by the right of the white election!1862Franklin Variorum 1998F411A+
Mine -- by the Right of the White Election!1862Johnson Poems 1955J528+
Mine enemy is growing old1880Franklin Variorum 1998F1539A+
Mine enemy is growing old1880T. W. HigginsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1539B+
Mine enemy is growing old1880Franklin Variorum 1998F1539C+
Mine Enemy is growing old --1881T. W. HigginsonJohnson Poems 1955J1509+
More life went out when he went1862Franklin Variorum 1998F415A+
More Life -- went out -- when He went1862Johnson Poems 1955J422+
More than the grave is closed to me1880Franklin Variorum 1998F1532A+
More than the Grave is closed to me --1880Johnson Poems 1955J1503+
Morning is due to all1883Samuel Bowles--youngerFranklin Variorum 1998F1621A+
Morning is due to all --1883Samuel Bowles--youngerJohnson Poems 1955J1577+
Morning is the place for dew1861Franklin Variorum 1998F223A+
Morning is the place for dew,Poems 1896P96-86+
Morning -- is the place for Dew --1860Johnson Poems 1955J197+
Morning that comes but once1884Mabel ToddFranklin Variorum 1998F1645A+
Morning that comes but once,1884Mabel ToddJohnson Poems 1955J1610+
Morns like these -- we parted --1858Johnson Poems 1955J27+
Morns like these we parted1858Louise and Frances NorcrossFranklin Variorum 1998F18A+
Morns like these we parted1858Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F18B+
Morns like these we parted1858Franklin Variorum 1998F18C+
Morns like these we parted;Poems 1891P91-129+
Most arrows slay but whom they strike1884Franklin Variorum 1998F1666A+
Most arrows slay but whom they strike1884Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1666C+
Most she touched me by her muteness1862Franklin Variorum 1998F483A+
Most she touched me by her muteness --1863Johnson Poems 1955J760+
MOTHER NATUREPoems 1891P91-74+
Much madness is divinest sensePoems 1890P90-11+
Much madness is divinest sense1863Franklin Variorum 1998F620A+
Much Madness is divinest Sense --1862Johnson Poems 1955J435+
Musicians wrestle everywhere1861Franklin Variorum 1998F229B+
Musicians wrestle everywhere --1860Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J157+
Musicians wrestling everywhere!1861Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F229A+
Must be a wo1863Franklin Variorum 1998F538A+
Must be a Wo --1862Johnson Poems 1955J571+
Mute thy coronation1860Franklin Variorum 1998F133A+
Mute thy Coronation --1859Johnson Poems 1955J151+
My best acquaintances are those1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1062A+
My best Acquaintances are those1864Johnson Poems 1955J932+
My cocoon tightens - Colors teaze1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1107A+
My Cocoon tightens -- Colors teaze --1866Johnson Poems 1955J1099+
My country need not change her gown1880Louise and Frances NorcrossFranklin Variorum 1998F1540B+
My country need not change her gown1880Franklin Variorum 1998F1540C+
My country need not change her gown,1881T. W. HigginsonJohnson Poems 1955J1511+
MY CRICKETPoems 1891P91-117+
My eye is fuller than my vase1861Franklin Variorum 1998F228A+
My Eye is fuller than my vase --1860Johnson Poems 1955J202+
My faith is larger than the hills1862Franklin Variorum 1998F489A+
My Faith is larger than the Hills --1863Johnson Poems 1955J766+
My first well day since many ill1862Samuel BowlesFranklin Variorum 1998F288A+
My first well day since many ill1862Franklin Variorum 1998F288B+
My first well Day -- since many ill --1862Johnson Poems 1955J574+
My friend attacks my friend!1859Franklin Variorum 1998F103A+
My friend attacks my friend!1859Johnson Poems 1955J118+
My friend must be a bird1859Franklin Variorum 1998F71A+
My friend must be a Bird --1859Johnson Poems 1955J92+
My garden like the beach1862Franklin Variorum 1998F469A+
My Garden -- like the Beach --1862Johnson Poems 1955J484+
My God he sees thee1870Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1168A+
My God -- He sees thee --1871Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1178+
My heart opon a little plate1865Louise and Frances NorcrossFranklin Variorum 1998F1039A+
My heart opon a little plate1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1039B+
My heart ran so to thee1874Franklin Variorum 1998F1331A+
My Heart ran so to thee1878Johnson Poems 1955J1237+
My Heart upon a little Plate1865Johnson Poems 1955J1027+
My life closed twice before it's closeFranklin Variorum 1998F1773A+
My life closed twice before its close;Johnson Poems 1955J1732+
My life had stood a loaded gun1863Franklin Variorum 1998F764A+
My Life had stood -- a Loaded Gun --1863Johnson Poems 1955J754+
My maker - let me be1878Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F1463A+
My maker - let me be1878Franklin Variorum 1998F1463B+
My maker - let me be1878Franklin Variorum 1998F1463C+
My Maker -- let me be1877Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J1403+
My nosegays are for captives1859Franklin Variorum 1998F74A+
My nosegays are for Captives --1859Johnson Poems 1955J95+
My period had come for prayer1863Franklin Variorum 1998F525A+
My period had come for Prayer --1862Johnson Poems 1955J564+
My portion is defeat today1863Franklin Variorum 1998F704A+
My Portion is Defeat -- today --1862Johnson Poems 1955J639+
My reward for being was this1862Franklin Variorum 1998F375A+
My reward for being was this1862Franklin Variorum 1998F375B+
My Reward for Being, was This.1862Johnson Poems 1955J343+
My river runs to thee1861Franklin Variorum 1998F219A+
My river runs to thee1861Franklin Variorum 1998F219B+
My river runs to thee1861Mary BowlesFranklin Variorum 1998F219C+
My River runs to thee --1860Samual Bowler and Mary BowlesJohnson Poems 1955J162+
MY ROSEPoems 1891P91-84+
My season's furthest flower1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1030A+
My Season's furthest Flower --1865Johnson Poems 1955J1019+
Myself can read the telegrams1865Franklin Variorum 1998F1049A+
Myself can read the Telegrams1866Johnson Poems 1955J1089+
Myself was formed a carpenter1862Franklin Variorum 1998F475A+
Myself was formed -- a Carpenter --1862Johnson Poems 1955J488+
My soul accused me and I quailed1863Franklin Variorum 1998F793A+
My Soul -- accused me -- And I quailed --1863Johnson Poems 1955J753+
My triumph lasted till the drums1871Franklin Variorum 1998F1212A+
My Triumph lasted till the Drums1872Johnson Poems 1955J1227+
My wars are laid away in books1882Franklin Variorum 1998F1579A+
My Wars are laid away in Books --1882Johnson Poems 1955J1549+
My wheel is in the dark!1859Susan DickinsonFranklin Variorum 1998F61A+
My wheel is in the dark!1859Franklin Variorum 1998F61B+
My wheel is in the dark!1858Susan DickinsonJohnson Poems 1955J10+
My worthiness is all my doubt1863Franklin Variorum 1998F791A+
My Worthiness is all my Doubt --1863Johnson Poems 1955J751+